On one moonlit night, in the quiet corner of a cozy home, there lived a black cat named $ELILI. But $ELILI was no ordinary feline; she was a dreamer, a visionary, and one of the main characters of the realm of Blackfun. With her sleek fur glistening like the night sky, $ELILI would often gaze out the window, her bright eyes reflecting the stars above. And in those moments, she would share tales of her dreams with her beloved human companion, Donado.

In her dreams, $ELILI envisioned a dark realm, where fun and adventure never ceased to exist. She dreamed of towering trees adorned with sparkling cobwebs, of mischievous spirits dancing beneath the moonlight, and of endless tales waiting to be told.

One fateful day, $ELILI gathered all her courage and shared her vision with Donado. "Donado," she would purr, her voice as soft as a whisper. "I dream of a dark and mysterious place called Blackfun—a realm where magic and mystery intertwine, and where every shadow holds a secret waiting to be discovered." To her delight, he listened intently, his eyes alight with fascination. Moved by $ELILI's passion and inspired by her dream, Donado made a promise. He vowed to bring $ELILI's vision to life, to create a fantasy world that would capture the imagination of all who dared to venture within. And so, with determination and dedication, Donado embarked on a journey to build Blackfun—a world where dreams became reality, and where the impossible became possible.

Today, as the moon rises high above the darkened sky, $ELILI and Donado stand side by side, gazing out over the realm they have created together. And as they watch the stars twinkle overhead, they know that their journey has only just begun. For in the world of Blackfun, anything is possible, and the adventure never ends.

And though $ELILI may be just a meme token on the surface, her dream has brought them all to this magical place, where wonders await at every turn.


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West Block 9
West Block 8
West Block 7
West Block 6
West Block 5
West Block 4
West Block 3
West Block 26
West Block 25
West Block 24
West Block 23
West Block 22
West Block 21
West Block 20
West Block 2
West Block 19
West Block 18
West Block 17
West Block 16
West Block 15
West Block 14
West Block 13
West Block 12
West Block 11
West Block 10
West Block 1
Last One 3
Last One 2
Last One 1
Harbour House
Gottais Luxury 4
Gottais Luxury 3
Gottais Luxury 2
Gottais Luxury 1
Gottais Casino 9
Gottais Casino 8
Gottais Casino 7
Gottais Casino 6
Gottais Casino 5
Gottais Casino 4
Gottais Casino 3
Gottais Casino 2
Gottais Casino 10
Gottais Casino 1
East Block 9
East Block 8
East Block 7
East Block 6
East Block 5
East Block 4
East Block 3
East Block 25
East Block 24
East Block 23
East Block 22
East Block 21
East Block 20
East Block 2
East Block 19
East Block 18
East Block 17
East Block 16
East Block 15
East Block 14
East Block 13
East Block 12
East Block 11
East Block 10
East Block 1
Corona House 4
Corona House 3
Corona House 2
Corona House 1
Alai Flat 9
Alai Flat 8
Alai Flat 7
Alai Flat 6
Alai Flat 5
Alai Flat 4
Alai Flat 3
Alai Flat 24
Alai Flat 23
Alai Flat 22
Alai Flat 21
Alai Flat 20
Alai Flat 2
Alai Flat 19
Alai Flat 18
Alai Flat 17
Alai Flat 16
Alai Flat 15
Alai Flat 14
Alai Flat 13
Alai Flat 12
Alai Flat 11
Alai Flat 10
Alai Flat 1
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